Membership of the NCS shall be open to such persons, Corporations, Banks, Firms or Organizations that have their principal place of business in Nigeria and which are engaged in inland, coastal and/or deep-sea shipping.

A candidate for membership of the NCS shall forward to the Director General, a written application in the form prescribed by the Governing Council of the NCS and such application shall be supported by the recommendation of at least two members of the Council as proposer and seconder.

The Council or the authorized Committee shall consider and if thought appropriate, grant conditional approval to the application and the name and full particulars of the applicant shall be published in the minutes of the Council and circulated to all members.

The application shall not be finally approved until it has been duly considered by the Membership Committee.

The Council shall have the power to require the attendance of the proposer and /or seconder of any candidate for membership, for the purpose of enquiring into the status and credentials of such candidate.

The application for membership can be refused if the applicant does not satisfy the stipulated criteria.

On admission to membership, such member shall pay a membership fee in such an amount as may be determined from time to time, by the Governing CouncilĀ  ( Continious membership is subject to renewal of yearly suscription).