What We Do


Promoting the interest of stakeholders through advocating appropriate policies, and monitoring Government Strategies on implementation as it affects the industry in such a way that Nigerian will earn a leading position in the shipping business in the West and Central African sub-region in line with global best policies to meet world standards.

Legal Support and Arbitration

The Chamber involves in Mediation, Arbitration and Conflict Resolution between members and Government Agencies or Third Party. NCS arbitrates on such matters and some cases of litigation, provide legal support for her members at their request, which attracts comparable practice fee, thus, saving huge legal fees for members and fostering better working relations in the Industry.

Training and Capacity Building

In order to ensure the realization of local content objectives in the Maritime Sector, there is a greater need for local development by the way of capacity building and empowerment of stakeholders with the opportunity for continuous Professional Development in the shipping/maritime sector. NCS is making tremendous effort to achieve this through sustainable Training programmes. On a monthly basis, the Chamber runs different training programmes based on Industry needs for the wide clientele ranging from the relevant agencies, operators, financial institutions and other interested individuals. The NCS runs some of these Training Programmes with its Affiliates.

Research and Publication

The Chamber embarks on extensive research and planning structured on Technical Know-how. This ensures the creation of platforms for all National Policy decisions to be aligned with the heartbeat of the Industry for easy accessibility that engenders positive turnaround of investments in the Maritime Sector. Publications are made available through media to educate members and public.

Regional/Continental Trade

Promoting trade within the countries in the West African region as well as facilitating shipping business interests across the African countries by collaborating with Chambers of Shipping in other Countries within the Region and with relevant regional/continental trade groups.

Enlightenment Campaign Programme

The Nigerian Chamber of Shipping works in synergy with Maritime Regulators and Operators in simple partnership and understanding by drawing all hands on deck to ensure the actualization of common goals. Optimum result is expected to be achieved on this through Sensitization and Public Awareness Programmes, Roundtable Events, Interactive Forums, Breakfast Meetings. etc.